So this is me…TADAA!!! I KNOW I SCARED YOU!!! Or maybe not but hey, a girl can try. yes I can try, we all can [having a eureka moment right there]. If you haven’t noticed, am not exactly the Charles Dickens of modern day literature, not the master of words like Ngugi wa Thiong’o but hey A GIRL CAN TRY. Yes, I might as well sing it in the streets and start a random flash mob with that slogan. Yes, I’ve watched Mad Men, it actually makes you realize you can sell anything with the perfect slogan. Where am I heading with this you ask? If this writing is any good, probably to the Bank soon enough. In my eighteen years of this God-blessed life I never thought I’d be doing this, okay yes, it came as a thought but writing? Not songs, poems or even plays but just writing, sharing thy soul to people, my views, my dreams and just letting it all out there. Figuratively speaking, it’s like you’re just naked, ‘ADAM AND EVE-HIDING FROM GOD’ naked. People may laugh at you, pat you on the back or even go deep into their own souls and search for themselves. Because let’s face it we all want to find ourselves, more and more each day; live life and not be ashamed of who we are, what we are about, where we come from and where we want to go. We also want to do new things[like me personally right here]. From writing and acting to  singing and playing sports, I mean, it’s a new day, a new world, new opportunities and a fresh start. BE BOLD! Find yourself and let’s be spontaneous. TUANZE SAFARI!!!     0b2df04dd012b09cf7ee586f4cb79b79


4 thoughts on “BEING BOLD

  1. Well well well, being bold. Lemme be honest. I liked this. And i hope you get to writing more, it’s not that often that I read a blog and want more (this is a blog, right? I’ve been slapped because of calling someone’s online journal a blog, so forgive me for being prude). Anyways, girl, u be bold. And I guess I’ll take your advice and finally finish that piece of mine…


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