Drugs, sex and Money

GOTCHA!!! Get your head out of the gutter we got things to do. Yes it’s nice to hear from you too. I know many of you were waiting for this article on Thursday but hey, am full of surprises what can I say. So moving on swiftly… How many of you are happy? yeah.. continue thinking that’s a stupid question till it hits you like “whoa am I really happy?” then you go into some episode of confusion. Today I led some Bible study so let me give you what happens like 36 hours earlier, let’s pretend that it’s written at the bottom of the screen like in the movies…” Hey could you lead Bible study this week” the organizer  asks; in my head, ” oh yea  like piece of cake things [ with my  150 bob -too-cool-for-school-shades],’running-around- crazy’  let’s do this… IN REALITY: am like ” yeah sure”. So today I have no Idea what I will say, I could totally use the whole’ Jesus died for your sins’ card but all these people knew that already. So I go to the internet { God bless it’s non-existent soul] and the first thing I think of: HAPPINESS…BOOM .or should I say EUREKA!!! It talks about like this Emir, who ruled for like 50 years, there being peace, his subjects loving him, allies respecting him, enemies fearing him and not to mention riches and honor. But when he was asked how many years he was happy he said 14.[ yes mind blowing, drink some water or even take a walk to fathom this moment]. So that’s what I talk about in the b.s and as I was talking about this  random message, I asked myself, ” what is happiness? a feeling or a destination?” and later why is looking for happiness  so much like looking for the fountain of youth? I watch One Tree Hill and am proud of that fact, one of the character’s said ” HAPPINESS IS NOT A DESTINATION BUT A FEELING”, sometimes you’re happy and other times you’re not and it’s totally okay . We always tend to think that if we had something or someone particular we would smile more, sleep better and just never worry again but that is a lie [ FROM THE PIT OF HELL AS MY MUM WOULD SAY]. Being the christian that I am, I found out that there will never be a time when happiness will be a destination for me in this life, definitely the next, but not this life. Learn to be content with what you have, sometimes when you just live a day at  a time and look at the funny clouds in the sky, eat that slice of pizza, go and hug that special person, watch that movie and just take a chill pill, be content and face it… the only way you will ever truly be happy is through Jesus Christ. yeah I said it and I’ll say it AGAIN, Jesus Christ. so yes re-think  you’re life and ask yourself what other way could you honestly find permanent happiness and if  you have another way, good for you but for me..[ close eye range] I FOUND THE ONLY WAY.


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