Yes am late but I have lots of stories THAT HAPPENED TO BE TRUE! Just because I said that does not mean …aah, you know reverse psychology  things. so today being a Sunday I’m bringing good news…THE GOOD NEWS…HALLELUJAH( organ music playing in the background} I as a new writer I have surfed the internet like all you IT wizards looking for the good stuff…( what is on your mind..uh-huh..)..the good writers. The ones that make you feel like they are your life coaches. I’ve heard of Njoki Chege who probably is among the most misguided writers of today’s generation. Her article about fat women… My God…what animosity. she says big is not beautiful…POPPY COCK…no seriously… I always say that one who has gone to school can’t talk like those that went to River Road  to get  their fake certificates. she talks about how there is no man who can love a plus-sized woman as if it’s some form of myth that was created long ago to keep girls from eating. in my opinion she probably didn’t believe in what she was writing but just wanted attention. I mean how many writers write the most absurd things just to get views?it’s sad  that not alot of writers are writing something worth holding on to…and that is why you don’t get such writers getting any award{ maybe the “scarring someone’s life” award}. so the question  is…TO WHAT EXTENT? To what extent are you willing to be noticed? sometimes I think that one can do anything, but at the end of the day, if you have not edified someone with your words, then you’re the  loser. My conclusions are very similar with what God declared. When God declared his creation good, He meant all of it and what I have officially declared is that everyone is beautiful and I mean all of you. Your pyhsical flaws and your emotional scars is  what has made you as strong as you need to be and that is the very essence of beauty. Edify someone today… just don’t get attention. Happy Merry Sunday( that just means go kick as-usual…mr Insecurities’ butt).


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