So I know how this looks like…I haven’t written for so long, yes, punish me!!! Naughty corner mara moja or take away my chocolate…No wait! let’s not be hasty, it’s me you want LEAVE THE CHOCOLATE ALONE. So new things…geez I don’t know, between near a death experience and joining school…well alot has been on my mind like for one: DON’T YOU EVER TAKE YOUR LIFE FOR GRANTED…almost got hit by a truck being with 2/3 of my family…as in I guess when something like that hits you, all your problems look so small and you begin to wonder why you’ve been so ungrateful to God. God is alot of things but if there’s something that really stand out for me about this God, it’s his endless mercy and the fact that you could always start over. GRACE BABY GRACE!! Enough about that, bottom line: God is just Awesome.This year, am working on three things: Humility,Forgiveness and Love. Trust me I’m not as proud and egotistic as Kanye but I definitely need to learn to do the whole Jesus scenario of ” I wash your feet” and sometimes I want to really be all |” AM GOING TO FINISH YOU PEEP SQUEEK”.But you’ve got to be the bigger person, suck it up, we adults …whoah there goes the queen’s English but aaaaaaaah am a free …do you ever feel like some phrases just need you to curse? Resist the devil and he will so flee … most unbelievers of my faith might as well say I’ve got ‘my Jesus on’ today and then act all offended.( with my fake Southern American accent ) “well… son…or daughter…I get my ‘Jesus on’ err day!  You best be on your sorry behined’s way…no that is rude…you see ..this is why I need Jesus…I better ran off and wash my dirty mouth with soap…This year gives you new opportunities…new beginnings, clean slate, HURRAH,HURRAH and another HURRAH. With God and His grace….as Oprah Winfrey would say…YOU GET FORGIVENESS! EVERYBODY GETS FORGIVENESS!!!  Be happy, safe and always know it will never be too late to pick up the pieces and rise up higher than before.So cheers, have a good (1)


2 thoughts on “AM SORRY WHERE WAS I?

  1. hey, i am a fan of your blogs. my name is Clarice and i love what your doing, trying to be resonable and sensible. i am so sorry you almost got in that accident. God’s grace is upon you and your family. but anyway thank you for this.


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