So many people exist, question is whether we live? Yes since you’re snoopy I did get my title from One direction and there is no problem with that, right?( SUDDENLY MY VIEWS ARE DROPPING…WEEEEE COME BACK).

Fear of rejection is what we call it.You do not want to associate with guys because you probably think you are going to be turned down. DO AWAY WITH THAT SH-ENANIGAN( I scared you didn’t I?). I totally get it, the only way people can relate is if you tell your story….so here it is.

I am probably the weirdest,most randomn person you will ever meet, I rarely care what people think but subconsciously maybe I do( CURSE YOU SOCIETY!!!!).With my weirdo self I’ve probably met my fellow martians and honestly, my life has been awesome. I thank God because it has been epic like kisses- galore -epic.The world we live in hates pretenders yet we are more plastic than ever, can I get an amen for hypocrisy!!where am I going with this… you need to know that you will never ever be able to please every Kamau,Otieno and Rono( yes I said it #AFRICA). So wear your ” I DO NOT GIVE A RIVER” hat and do you’re thing. Learn from yourself.images (4)

Life is too short to care what people think and what society thinks is best. live, laugh,FART…did I mention go after your dreams?Better the world hates you for who you are then love you for the person you are trying to copy.Plus people do not bite, so it’s never that serious, but if it is, you need Tae kwon do bro.

images (16)






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