Letting go and letting God. Wow, it is a question, it is an answer, it is a prayer, it is advice. One of my greatest fears is that God will not give me what I want, yes, not what I need but what I want(#bratmoment). I want to live the good life…correction…THE FINEST LIFE!!!But what if it is not in God’s will? what will you do?images (17)

Jonah is one of those easy going guys…nope he was not…infact Jonah probably let all his anger fill him with bitterness and some of us do fill ourselves with spite. God told him to warn the people of Nineveh.( For people who don’t know the story, read thy Bible, book of Jonah)So Jonah had every right to  be angry, the people of Nineveh were sinful and they kinda harassed Israelites so yeah…#TEAMSPITE. But this is what God does, He gives Grace to those who don’t deserve it  and gives you a chance to forgive. To cut the long story short, he later went all “WHO DIS GUY TELLING MEEH WHAT TO DO, I DON’T NEED THIS”, so he went on a boat and God followed him to that boat, created a storm, people noticed that the weather was supernatural, later , though it was a reaallly tough decision, they threw him over. Yes, even that time  people were selfish…HA…HA…HA…but seriously it had to be done. I would have so done the same…whaaaat? ‘I ain’t dying for nobody’.

Back to the story, he was EATEN BY A WHALE!! Though insides the belly of the great big Whale came his magic moment. HE LET GO AND LET GOD. The whale wasn’t lucky enough to know ENO like we do, so he barfed( yaani ALITAPIKA….EWW RIGHT?(Don’t let God put you in a whale so that you start HIS WILL ) Jonah did the necessary.


God being the father of all honestly has the best for all of us. We need to stop trying to control our lives and the manner in which we want to go without consulting He who can give you all your desires in the blink of an  EYE! I need to learn this myself…LET GO-D!!!It is not easy but investing in a known God when it comes to the uknown  is worth it. Every relationship  needs trust even this one, so give it….GIVE HIM YOUR ALL. IF THE WICKED GIVE THEIR CHILDREN GOOD THINGS, THEN HOW MUCH MORE WILL YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER GIVE YOU???Let-Go


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