So, you’ve probably heard of the famous Taj Mahal where a Mughal emperor called Shah Jahan was so broken when his favourite wife,Mumtaz died after bearing his fourteenth child. In her honour he built a masoleum for her that took 22 years to build.( Brings tears to my eyes #sniff).

So what is your love story?Disney movies and Lady bug story books are famous for one thing…” happily ever afters”.But most of the time, that is not the case in reality, you see am not here to poop on your valentine but the thing is you’ve got to get it into your head..IT DOESN’T EXIST!!(echo in the back). What does exist is two people who’ve made a decision to stick through thick and thin and I mean THICK AND THIN! The next question is,WHO IS WRITING YOUR LOVE STORY? If it is you then I hope you truly make yourself happy but as for me, God is the author of my story.val 9

God has to be the most dramatic author in the history of literacy, I mean the things that can happen in one’s life can be too crazy.( Remind me to make a movie based on my own life, trust me, you will enjoy).You have heard of people who lost their loved ones  and how they  did not want to go through the whole process again and it is understandable, but what I’m figuring from God is that…HE IS LOVE ..God is love and he who does not know from whom Love is derived from,cannot truly love.God writing your story means that He will hold you and comfort you, It does not matter what you have done. His love is free and pure like oxygen…yes what an example I know but unlike this physical reality in which we live, with our spiritual destiny, we will ride off into the sunset with our loved ones, Christ being there every step of the way.There will come a time when will no longer be separated, desperate for love or down hearted for God…is …love and this type of love never fades away. IT IS CONSTANT.val 7


Love is not just romantic, love is giving with no hope of getting that which you gave back. There is nothing like a parent’s love for the child, absolutely nothing. For a parent giveth without hope of receiving, how many times do we take the people around us for granted? How many times do you stop and thank God for the people you have in your life. what makes you so important, more than all other people who have died this year? You are as  equal as they are, you have no shine different from theirs yet you prance around this sorry earth acting like the world owes you something but here is the deal: IT DOESN’T.val 6

Love…have courage and be kind…( you know what I did there). I may not have written what you may have expected but that is me. I dare to be different in this indifferent world. It is so hard to love…IT IS SUPER DIFFICULT  to love somebody who does not deserve an ounce of your care and sometimes I want to give up; what I found out is that sometimes love does hurt but if Jesus Christ loves me and I do not deserve it and he loves this world and God knows that no one deserves it then I have no right to quit beacuse if God has never given up on you then why in the world would you give up on your neighbour, you have no right at all.You do not live for yourself, you live for others.images (27)



Everybody has a purpose on earth, different from another but there is only one similarity and one function; once you are done with your purpose then you die fully knowing your purpose is to serve someone else. Be it helping them with assignments, giving a word of encouragement or even finding the cure for cancer, you served others. There may never be “THE ONE” romantically but destiny states that THERE IS THAT ONE PERSON YOU ARE TO IMPACT ON THIS  EARTH.

Love  like there is no tomorrow and in all things do them with love.download (9)


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