herroThis guy…is AWESOME.. yes I would have done batman, superman, wonder woman or CAPTAIN AMERICA!!I Chose thee green lantern because he’s probably the one of the best and most legendary superheroes of all time. First of all, he was the average Joe…LIES..since when are pilots average Joe?( silly me) Okay one thing he had that you can relate to is fear, NOT hugah-bugah-wugah-I SCARE YOU IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT.. Okay it was exactly that and what stood out for me is that, he really was afraid of Parallax, the evil villain who practically fed on fear and it was no joke, I mean that guy was UUUGHHHLEEEIGH and I mean seven years of bad luck-ugly.My main point being you need to get over your fears, overcome them, kick their sorry butt…If the green lantern could fight this guy…monster

then you can do anything. there are five leadership lessons we learn from the green lantern the rest you can find on leadership lessons from the green lantern

  1. FEAR IS NORMAL -The job is to understand it, overcome it, walk through it, work through it and figure a way to step around it.
  2. SOMETIMES…YOU MUST STAND ALONE-The right decisions are never popular but learn to be the voice of reason in society.
  3.  BE ON TOP OF YOUR GAME- always read books and keep on “updating yourself”. Be the best you can be at all times and keep on improving yourself.
  4. PRIDE COMES BEFORE A NASTY FALL- Parallax went into the sun, trust me dear, your melanin will not save you…this just means that if you let your pride get the best of you as McGowan would say, YOU WILL FALL HARD AND FALL ALONE!!pride
  5.  BE THE LEADER – Most of the time, its never you who chooses leadership and sometimes we need to buckle up and take that bull by the horns. mahatma Gandhi once said…

you must be the change you want to see in the world.

That is so profound that it even hurts, how could it be? we cannot continue waiting for opportunities to lurk around our door like blood hounds well that statement I’ve just said is impossible…opportunities do not come, you run and take them.Choose to impact society today and be the best you can be and now we will finish this post by saying green lantern’s own mantra…

In brightest day, in darkest night,

No evil shall escape my sight,

Let those who worship evil’s might

Beware my power…GREEN LANTERN’S LIGHT!





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