I finally found a word to describe myself…I don’t think you understand the magnitude…I AM A MISFIT. We are the weirdos, the unpopular,  the children who are always asked to be more like normal people…I think society is afraid of us and that’s why she treats us so … how a crocodile treats their young. I cannot count how many times I have been called weird because I think differently, I talk different, I reason differently and how I AM DIFFERENT. Sometimes its difficult…I mean I guess the fact that I defy society every day means people call me the “dreamer”…I mean what is wrong about dreaming? Just as many people come in my life…many go out…and though it hurts…I do get stronger…I think am one of the most gullible people when it come to love for your fellow man…Just because people walk out on you …Don’t close your flower just yet, The world needs to see you…your bloom. misfits

Don’t close you flower just yet, the world needs to see you..your bloom.

I am a born again Christian which makes me even more ostracized within society…No am not a goody-two-shoe, I am a sinner…being renewed over and over by this love… from the owner of a 1000 cattle on a hill…I defy society twice now because I am a dreamer who FIGHTS FOR WHAT IS TRULY RIGHT.


I get to live …in this life and the next…I do not need to worry about tomorrow because He who never sleeps nor slumber gets to focus on my dreams. I don’t need to fight battles because He already fought them for me, I may be nothing to this world but I am worth the death of His son. Instead of being the normal misfit ( I know….PARADOX) I am  the ULTIMATE MISFIT!!!!!

You were not called to this life to “fit in” but to STAND OUT. Find joy in being you…be the person God made you to be and never be sorry for being who you are. You only get one chance on this earth and you’ve got to make it count.misfits 3

Live a fulfilled life so that when you look back ….YOU WANT TO DO IT AGAIN…AND AGAIN…AND AGAIN…..!!!

oooooooooooh……aaaaaaah….okay I said a lot of serious stuff….DO I SAY SOMETHING FUNNY? For those who’ve WATCHED the great GATSBY.

fun 4



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