So it’s valentines and yes I said it’s valentines I mean do you know love? God is love…OOOOOOH-YEEEEEAH… So I wonder why Christmas is bigger than Easter I mean I get it, He was born…but the day he executed His purpose and carried us to eternal glory and now we are free from sin. The world has being trying to get Jesus out of the picture in every possible way with such…

and am like whuuuut… WHO DA…HELL(THAT JESUS SAVED US   FROM)    ARE THOSE PEOPLE? Did they die for you? All they are doing is fattening you up so that you die from cardiovascular diseases. I mean I get it…The presents..The treats but imagine what your heavenly father…how much more He can give you in this world and the next. I’m a party pooper…living in AFRICA HELPS SO MUCH because I never got to live this lie.

You think it’s funny now but if you haven’t noticed, the free world is running away from religion for whatever reason. People think that they make the rules, we are the gods, we make our own morals.In  1st Timothy 6, they talk about how  we should stay away from GODLESS people who do useless chatter and claim they have found true ” knowledge”…because our wisdom to God is folly.EASTER

Jesus died and rose again…get that clear, HE IS ALIVE AND WELL and the world may be laughing now but…we’ll have the last laugh. Know that EASTER IS WHEN GOD DECIDED THAT NOT HAVING YOU WAS TOO PAINFUL AND HE SACRIFICED SOMETHING FAR GREATER THAN YOU SO THAT HE COULD HAVE YOU!

Happy Eastereaster 5



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