It is only through death that we are reborn

only through rain that we get a rainbow

only through love that the pain is gone

only through rejection that we know what’s home

Lately I’ve been feeling dry. Yes the absence of moisture yes definitely, take water you say? I’VE BEEN TAKING WATER!!What do I mean? I’ve been having it good but my spirituality has been at an all time low. Questioning who I am and what I believe in, looking at my life and wondering if God is just playing, is life a game then at the end we figure out that we were insignificant to begin with? Do I really have a control over my life or is it something we tell ourselves to prevent us from going nuts? I can’t tell you that I know all the answers and I’M JUST ONE PERSON. Can you really make a difference in this world like how we were told in class 1?



I guess the only thing I could tell you is, you’re life matters, it’s not a game but a story and we are the co-authors with God in our story. We try to write this story alone but…what happens when  the ink runs out? when the publishers of life reject your work? when there is a twist or tragedy in our story? We can’t do this alone, I can’t do this alone, being both an author and character. We need help from the one who figured out who the characters of all the stories in the world would be  and we have to trust that the end, it will matter, it will be of love, victory and courage, no matter what happens in between. THUS WE ARE REBORN.

reb 3


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