So  this is a hall in Norse mythology where brave vikings would go after dying in battle, a hall where the god Odin would receive them having being  led by beings called Valkyries to the halls of…VALHALLA.So I repeat…this is mythology but what stands out for me is that Vikings are probably one of those groups of people that would have been the original casts of The Die Hard movies. A synonym for bravery-viking, warrior-viking, strength- DID I JUST NOT SAY VIKING?!!!

Super cheesy quotes that make you want to stay in the dark and watch the scariest movie ( Disclaimer: I’m not paying for your therapy). I think we all have encountered our vikings at various movies, they  all talk about Valhalla and I would wonder what is this term with gusto.

WOW VALHALLA 3Yes I just might have released a tear or two with this photo.


I know my time to go to Valhalla will come, where I will have fought to my very best and I will sit among the warriors before me who gave up their lives for our God, OD- are you crazy!!! Am talking about God my father. Our Valhalla is Heaven which is our home , we will be brave and not stumble, we will grow strong and never weak, we as warriors will….OKAY YOU GET IT…I AM A WARRIOR !!!


I believe there’s a  Jesus in everybody

I believe there’s a Jesus in every soul

I believe we were born to be the light

You might be the only Jesus they’d ever known

The battle does not belong to us, but the Lord but even if, BE A GOOD SOLDIER  and let your light shine before men so that your Heavenly Father may be Glorified. Stand for what is right and true for at the end of our life, WE WILL ALL GO HOME.



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